how to look good without makeup

6 ways to look good without makeup

As girls, we often spend a substantial time during our morning routine huddled in front of a mirror. We concentrate long and hard on how to perfect that cat’s eye eyeliner or picking out the exact shade of red lipstick that would match our shiny stilettos. or you can get information about lifecell skin care reviews here just grab them and read for more.

However, beauty is only skin deep and there’s much more you can do to enhance your natural beauty rather than just depending on makeup as a crutch. Curious to know in which ways you can look good without using makeup? Take a look below!

  1. No Substitute for Water

Yes …. We know that you have heard this one before, and there’s a reason why you are going to heard about this again. Carrying a bottle of water with you no matter where you go and keeping track of how many glasses of the magic fluid you drink everyday is imperative if you want your skin to exude that youthful glow.

  1. Stick to Skincare

Gone are the days when just cleansing, toning and moisturising would suffice as your skincare routine. Make an effort to exfoliate your skin twice or thrice in a week to ensure that your skin is actually able to avail all the benefits that are endowed by your regular skincare habits. you can get best life cell skin South Africa for you skin just try and see the best results.

  1. Be Conscious of what you Eat

We promise that we aren’t asking you to give up on your weekly pizza or movie-time cheese popcorn. Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet might just be the thing that might propel you to shed your dull and dry-looking skin. Stock up your refrigerator with protein- and vitamin-rich foods such as chickpeas, kidney beans, eggs and lentils and oranges, pumpkin and melons. As your body heals from within, the results will definitely highlight the external features. You can also get the best details about lifecell skin canada which is famous for best results for your skin.

  1. It’s all in the Brows

Brows are the uncelebrated champions of the beauty world. However, you have the power to reclaim how you project them to the outside world by allowing them to draw your features into focus and frame your face. If you don’t believe in succumbing to pain for the sake of beauty by threading or waxing, just tame the unruly hair strands with a small comb and you will immediately notice the difference.

  1. Sun Protection: The Only Protection that Matters

Have you been a silent witness to your skin’s victimisation by hyperpigmentation and premature aging during these summer months? Well, it’s your time to revolt! Buy a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 30 and apply it generously before heading to the swimming pool or even when you know that you are going to be cooped up at home. Your future self’s skin would be eternally grateful to you …

  1. Don’t let Stress have the Upper Hand

Stress is a natural part of modern life and thinking that you will get rid of it is nothing but a fantasy. However, if unmanaged, stress can lead to grey hair, acne and even hair fall. Make time to indulge in leisure activities, such as filling in your notebook and listening to Taylor Swift, or participate in physical activities to blow off some steam. You deserve it after all the hard work you put in.

So, here you go. Try to incorporate all the aforementioned habits in your day-to-day life, and we promise that you will be able to avail the benefits sooner than you might have ever anticipated!