benefits of putting cucumbers on eyes

Proven Benefits of Putting Cucumber on Eyes

benefits of putting cucumbers on eyes

Eyes are the first thing one looks at for the first time but are they always healthy and look naturally beautiful? Now you will think keeping eyes healthy means what, it means keeping them away from puffiness or from getting swollen up and so on. You know if we tell you we have a natural way to cure all the problems that make your eyes look less beautiful, that is Cucumber. Yes, a cucumber has a long list of benefit for eyes, such as:-

Cucumber reduces the puffiness and swelling- A cucumber has caffeic acid which brings down water retention the only issue which causes swelling and puffiness. When we work for more hours without catching some rest which one should, then our eyes look tired and dilatation around the eyes vessels take place. A cucumber helps to reduce the same.

Cucumber reduces irritation of the eyes- One can feel irritation in his or her eyes because of something accidentally falls into our eyes, or because of insect bite and various other factors and a cucumber on them can be very soothing and acts as a cure. A cucumber has Vitamin C as its content whose antioxidant cures any kind of irritation in eyes.

Cucumber reduces Dark Circles- Yet another benefit of Vitamin C and caffeic content in a Cucumber is reducing Dark circles with lifecell skin care reviews which is basically caused because of tiredness or hyperpigmentation of the skin as the skin under our eyes are generally very thin and Vitamin C brightens the area whereas caffeic prevents veins dilatation.

Cucumber refreshes the eyes- As it is one vegetable/fruit contains 95% water which constantly acts a refreshing agent to the eyes all the time while you are working under the hot sun.

Cucumber prevents wrinkles around our eyes- Do you know cucumber also has Vitamin E which is an important element for our skin and is popularly known for the anti-wrinkle treatment it serves. So, if you don’t want to land up where you have developed wrinkles around your eyes, use cucumbers a precaution. if you want to get lifecell skin cream south Africa you can just click on the given link.

Cucumber improves vision- All the above points where with Cucumber’s usage in a manner that it is cut out in circles and they are put at the top of our closed eyes for minutes, but to improve vision you need to consume them. It has Vitamin A too, so gain some more vitamin elements and have a vision that is sharp and protect your beautiful eyes from falling into blindness or other eyes related problems. If you want to try lifecell canada then you can read more here.

Ways a cucumber should be put to use: –

Cut two slices of a fresh cucumber and keep them on your eyes and leave it for the rest 20 minutes or so.

Make a juice out of fresh cucumber (one will be enough) and apply it on the areas below and above your eyes that need special care.

You can even use cotton balls to soak the cucumber juice and then keep it on your eyes for 20 minutes maximum.

For eating Cucumber’s, 200 grams on a daily basis is enough for acquiring nutrients.

Never forget to wash a cucumber before taking it for use.