Blind Pimple under the Skin: 6 Ways to Treat It

Blind Pimples or this tiny come do is common to the skin. If you deal with pimples, acne, black heads or whiteheads chances are you already experience blind pimples but aren’t aware of them much.

Much like white heads the blind pimples are deeper into the skin without any head that pops out. They are under the skin and can be felt with the press of the fingers on the skin. Therefore, scrubbing or popping them out just to remove them isn’t an option. Or you can read more about life cell skin South Africa and know what is all about.

You need to be careful with the blind pimples and treat them well to get rid of them. Here are 6 ways to treat it well.

  1. No squeezing

Unlike the whiteheads or blackheads, the blind pimples aren’t meant to be scrubbed or popped out. Rubbing them would scar the skin permanently. Therefore, the best one can do is apply warm finger on themand rub them gently to open up the skin pores and bring them on the surface. As the blind pimples appear on the surface you can scrub and remove them.

  1. Pimple patch-on!

Pimples patch-on have become quite popular in the market. These come in the form of tiny stickers rich in acids that treat the pimple and cure it faster. The transparency of the stickers helps in easing its wear throughout the day too. These prove to be the best for the blind pimples as they can be treated easily at their early stage without any harm to the skin.

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils have proven to be the best in treating acne from its core. Oils like lavender essential oil or tea tree oil work best in the treatment of acne or pimples. One can dilute the essential oil by mixing it with a cream or distilled water. Take some of it and apply on the pimple effected skin. Blind pimples would soon vanish giving a smoother and brighter skin. Although a bit slow in treatment but the cure guarantees on removing the blind pimples from within!

  1. Home remedies

As blind pimples are relatively sensitive and need just a mild treatment it is wise to resort to healthy home remedies than extensive medicated therapies. Using cinnamon, honey, turmeric etc on the blind pimples helps in making it pop out faster and remove it from the skin. The tender effects of the simple home remedy ingredients work best in healing the blind pimples skin!

  1. Acne creams

There are medicated acne creams available in the drug store which helps in the prevention of acne formation. It kills the acne inside the skin without letting it appear on the outside. Therefore, saving time and effort of making the skin return back to its natural smoothness!

  1. Ice therapy

Ice soothes the acne and helps in removing it from the core. Application of ice on a fresh pimple reduces its visibility by at least 80%. Therefore, it helps in reducing the blind pimples to a great extent. 

Blind pimples can be cured with simple measures when treated well. One needs to pay attention to skin health and heal it from within. you can get rid about pimples and wrinkles just try lifecell canada you might know the working and use.