Best Ways To Understand What Suits Your Skin

Do you have trouble choosing your beauty care products? Do you always land up with the wrong lipstick?

Well the chances are that you aren’t aware of your skin and what suits it the most! While some products you use might make you feel absolutely fabulous other tend to make you look washed out. If you don’t know about lifecell skin care you can get the best reviews here and read how they work for your skin.

Understanding your skin is of utmost importance to keep it healthy, glowing and use all kinds of makeup to own your look. Here is a little guide on best ways to understand what suits your skin! Take notes!

Find the type of skin you have!

Broadly there are five types of skin – Normal, dry, oily, sensitive and combination. Every person has their own skin type which can also be a mix of any of the categories here. One should about their skin type to find the right cleansers, moisturizers, base makeup and other daily use cosmetics for the best use. For this you can visit your dermatologist and get their verdict. When you choose the skin products according to your skin type, the products shall yield you their best results. Taking care of the skin gets much easier when you know your skin type and the problems associated with them.

Determine your skin tone

For best choice of makeup like foundation, concealers, lipsticks and eye shadows – determining your skin tone is very important. Your skin tone affects the appearance of the makeup on your skin. So, no matter how gorgeous a colour looks on the palette if it doesn’t suit your skin tone – it won’t look good on you! Skin tone can be warm or cool and this is determined by a variety of self-tests like the appearance of your skin, the colours that suit you etc. You can anyday consult a skin expert to understand your skin tone and find the suitable products. Once you know about your skin tone – you shall be able to get the best of lip shades, nail polishes, eye shadows and foundations for you!


Skin tone and complexion are two different things. While one is your skin tempera other is your skin appearance. Your complexion makes you choose the right kind of clothes, the right colours and makeup to best sharpen your looks. There are several types of complexion ranging on a scale that runs from dark to fair. Every complexion shade hasits own suitability which once known brings about an ease to make your appearance better. For example – silver and golden eye shadows might not look as good on a dark skin as it may appear on a very light skin. While extremely light lipsticks might not show on light skin but shall look effortless to someone with dark skin.

There are several ways to understand your skin and determine its health. Know your skin tone, complexion and skin type to best understand your skin and give it the care you want. Because when you know what works for you – it will only be fun to embrace it daily. You can buy lifecell skin canada Or you can also buy lifecell skin cream south Africa!