Ways To Determine Your Skin Type

Let me ask you an honest question, how many of you really know the texture of your skin or rather to put it plainly how many of you can exactly determine your skin type? Well if I’m not wrong then most of us will fail to do so. We even without knowing our exact skin type go for different kind of skin treatments, thinking that it would help their skin but rather end up messing up with their skin. There are basically five types of skin types – combined, normal, sensitive, oily, and dry type. So, we’ll discuss few ways by which you can determine your skin type more accurately.

  • Feel it – this is the simplest way by which one can determine his/her skin type. If your T region feels oily (forehead, nose, chin) & the rest of the area is dry then you have got a combined type of skin. If your skin feels itchy, & dry & tends to become red if you go out in sun then you have got a sensitive skin. If you’ve got normal skin then it won’t feel too oily, or too dry or too sensitive, it will be all the same. Now if you have got oily skin then your skin will feel oily all the time. And for dry skin, you’ll feel all parched, especially during winters.
  • Watch for pores – if big pores are present around your nose, & little pores around chin and in other parts of the face then you have combined type of skin. For sensitive skin pores are generally small to big, but in case of normal skin then the pores present in your skin are quite unnoticeable. For oily skin, you can clearly see your pores, as these pores gets clogged and give rise to pimples, and if you have dry skin then you’ll have tiny tight pores.
  • Cleanse it & watch – if you have got a sensitive skin then once you’ve cleansed your skin then your skin will feel free except for your T region will feel bit tight. Whereas for sensitive skin your skin will feel clean but can feel bit itchy too! As far as normal skin is concerned cleansing the skin might not affect much but you need bit of moisturizer. For oily skin, well after cleansing your skin might feel bit free but oil will hit you back again. Lastly if you have dry skin, then once you’ve cleansed your skin, your skin will feel more parched & dry, it is advisable that you apply moisturizer as soon as you cleanse your face.

So, you have got some simple steps that you can follow to determine correctly what’s your skin type. Once you know your skin type it will become easy for you to take proper care of your skin & understand more specifically what your skin needs. Not all skins are same, so the treatment for your precious skin should also be as per its need, Right? Get lifecell skin cream South Africa And you can get the best information about lifecell skin canada read them.